Snowskates and Jamming Mark Troll’s First Day

Trollhaugen recreation area is open for the first day of its 2015-16 winter season. Tickets are $25, and the wheels are turning until 5 p.m.

There’s one chairlift open, plus one tow rope, which serves a terrain park. The “Tow-Up Throwdown” is a freestyle event going on in the park.

Hovland Snowskates is having a demo day as well, giving everyone another way to enjoy the snow.

(Photo: Courtesy of Trollhaugen)



Wild Mountain Opens Season

Wild Mountain opened its 2015-2016 season today, with one rope tow and one chair lift running, starting at noon.

Front Stage (set up as a mini-park) and Dandy are both served by a rope tow. Expressway, an intermediate trail, is served by chair 1.

The lifts are open today until 9 p.m. Tickets are $20. Tomorrow, expect a bump in the price, but also expect more slopes to be open. Hours will be 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Which Minnesota Ski Areas Make Use of Social Media Platforms Most?

Most of Minnesota’s ski areas make use of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. But which ones dominate? It depends on which platform you’re talking about. It’s time to break down the use of platforms by ski area, with data taken on Oct. 31, 2015.

Since skiing and snowboarding have a visual appeal, it makes sense to start our survey with Instagram. ¬†Which resort has the most number of followers on Instagram? It’s not close: Trollhaugen, in first place, has as many followers as Buck Hill, Afton Alps, and Spirit Mountain (numbers two through four) combined. Clearly, the Trollhaugen Troll knows how to serve up eye candy.

Number of Instagram followers.

  1. Trollhaugen: 9,097
  2. Buck Hill: 3,709
  3. Afton: 2,350
  4. Spirit: 2,019
  5. Powder Ridge: 1,966

Some areas are noteworthy for their minimal presence on Instagram. Andes Tower Hills and Coffee Mill had fewer than 20 photos posted. Not surprisingly, perhaps, they both had fewer than 150 followers. Buena Vista did not have an Instagram account.

When it comes to Twitter, Spirit Mountain has the most followers, at 2,628, and Trollhaugen comes in a relatively low seventh place.

  1. Spirit: 2,628
  2. Lutsen: 2,565
  3. Afton: 2,432
  4. Buck Hill: 2,320
  5. Welch Village: 2,114

On the other hand, Trolllhaugen is prolific in the number of Tweets it sends out, meaning that the leading Minnesota-focused resort for Twitter production is actually in Wisconsin.

Most Tweets

  1. Trollhaugen: 3,963
  2. Lutsen: 3,352
  3. Wild: 1,887
  4. Spirit: 1,822
  5. Welch: 1,524

Lutsen Mountains, though, holds the distinction of having the most number of possible Twitter impressions (the number of Tweets sent multiplied by the number of followers). It outpaces Trollhaugen by 53 percent.

Potential Twitter Impressions

  1. Lutsen: 8,597,880
  2. Trollhaugen: 5,590,382
  3. Spirit: 4,788,216
  4. Welch: 3,221,736
  5. Wild: 2,220,999

Twitter offers a good example of how a ski area may focus on a specific platform. Powder Ridge ranks fairly high on Instagram (fifth) but has a modest presence on Twitter.

Facebook is still going strong, meaning that it has some value to marketers. Buck Hill, relatively quiet on Twitter though strong on Instagram, has 80 percent more fans on Facebook than second place Afton. Ski Gull, which has no accounts on Twitter or Instagram, places a respectable ninth, with over 15,000 Facebook fans.

Most Facebook Fans:

  1. Buck Hill: 39,557
  2. Afton: 21,874
  3. Wild: 21,503
  4. Trollhaugen: 18,656
  5. Giants Ridge: 17,015

As you might expect, the areas that within the Twin Cities metro have the broadest reach on social media, while those in Greater Minnesota have a more modest reach. It’s for that reason that Powder Ridge’s fifth-place rank in Instagram is most interesting. Trollhaugen’s dominance is another intriguing aspect of Instagram, as is Buck Hill’s dominance in Facebook.

This is an expanded version of an article first published on Examiner.Com.