Late season conditions: Hit or miss

Sunday was a great day to be at Buck Hill for some spring skiing and snowboarding. The sun was shining, the snow was soft (but not too much so), and the crowds were minimal.

59 degrees

First of all, forget about bulky warm clothes when the temperature approaches 60 in the mid-afternoon. Ever think of skiing in shorts? Now’s your chance, though you may wish to wear some waterproof pants in case someone leaves some snow on the lift chairs.

In most places, the snow was holding up well.

March bluebird

But in some places, you could tell that spring had arrived. But even this puddle at the top of the quad chair was not insurmountable.

Quad chair runout

The best snow may have been on Redtail Ridge, a small, thin slope to the north (and slightly below) of the main slope. In the mid-afternoon, it was largely sheltered from the sun by the adjacent slope.

Sunday, though, was not a bluebird day. The overcast skies did not let the main slope (Milk Run and Crossroads) soften up. Consequently, it was a soft version of boilerplate, a bit like pea gravel. But again, Redtail Ridge and some other areas, including Teacher’s Pet, had better snow.

Surprisingly, snow tubing was still going on; the staff say they hope to keep it running through next weekend, but of course at this time of year, the weather could intervene and change those plans.



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