Season tickets on sale

The 2015-16 winter has been a disappointing one in many ways, but there’s always next year. Ski areas around the Twin Cities are now selling season passes for next winter, and as always, you’ll save money if you buy earlier rather than later.

Buck Hill is selling unrestricted adult passes for $390. Prices go up on May 1. Seniors (62 and over) and children (under 13) save, with rates of $225 and $290. Family passes are $1,190, good for up to four people. Buy now and use the pass for what is left of this season.

Wild Mountain has a variety of options depending on age and when you plan to use the pass. The lowest-price adult pass is the adult seven-day-a-week pass (age 13 and up) for $240. The least expensive adult pass is the college pass ($109), good every day of the week. Its family plan is the “build you own” variety, as there is no single price. Instead, you add a specified charge for each person. A four-person pass comes out to $685. If you have a large family, take heart: Adding more people after that costs only $25 per person. There are also passes for weekdays only and for weekends only.

Trollhaugen‘s unrestricted season pass for adults is $235, if purchased by April 4. If you wait until the snow is flying in the fall, you’ll have to pay $425, so buying early can save you a lot of money. There are also passes for college students and older adults. Children under 5 ski or ride without charge. Family passes (two adults, unlimited number of children) are on sale for $645. In the fall, the price will be $1,029.

Older adults pay $99 for a pass at Hyland Hills Ski Area, while the standard adult pass is $349. There is no family pass. Two children’s passes are two adult passes would add up to $1,196.

At Welch Village, an adult pass is currently selling for $279, and less if you already have a pass. A pass for children ages 5-12 is now going for $259, as are passes for adults 62 and older. A family pass is currently selling for $839.

Afton Alps has not yet announced its plans for next winter’s season pass.

UPDATE: March 8, 2 p.m.

Afton Alps has announced its pricing for next season. There are a variety of passes that let customers ski/ride both at Afton and at other Vail Resort properties. For a strictly-local Afton pass, the price for an adult is $429. The senior rate is $289 and the college rate is $269. Passes for children are $309, but they also include skiing or riding at Vail’s western resorts as well — though again, only for children.






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