New food option at Buck Hill: Waffles

Food offerings at ski areas, especially in the Twin Cities, tend to be the same. You’ll see a lot of hamburgers and other sandwiches, plus the occasional dish of chili. Buck Hill has introduced something new this season: The waffle bar.


It’s in the back side of the chalet, which has been something of a forgotten zone. The new tables, repurposed cable spools, provide ┬ávisual change of pace from the low cafeteria-style tables that dominate the chalet, and the colored plastic chairs add some visual interest.

More importantly, though, are the food and beverage choices. A new service, dubbed Malcom’s, offers upgraded coffee. And waffles. Yes, hot, sugary, yummy waffles.

You can get a plain waffle (“Buck Naked”), one with apples (“Teacher’s Pet,” a nod to one of the slopes on the hill), and other options. There are also a number of toppings (extra fees apply) such as berries.

The service came online during the season, so if your visit to Buck was early on, you may have missed out. So put this on your list of things to try out on your next visit.